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Information Models

The following information models represent different aspects of a general BI Service.  These can be customized and extended if needed.
  • Use Cases: capture the activities performed by the system and the key players. These correspond to the Functional Requirements.
  • System Sequence Diagram (SSD): Refinement of Use cases. Shows the sequence of activities/messages between the players.
  • Class Diagram: Shows the key objects in the system and their properties (attributes and methods).


Usecase Diagram

Basic BI Services
  • Enforce strict security and privacy policies.
  • Support core services such as a data warehouse, BI Tools, BPM capabilities, and Visualization/Dashboards.
  • Handle problems and Q&A.
In the use case diagram, additional services are shown for completeness. These services may be initially included in Basic BI services at a simple level but are the key features of Extended BI Portals and Strategic Information Centers (SICs).

System Sequence Diagram (SSD)

Class Diagram


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