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Functional Requirements

A Business Intelligence (BI) Service must be able to support at least the following operations:  
  • Update data warehouse information.
  • Retrieve data warehouse information for business intelligence.
  • Support OLAP (online analytical analysis tools).
  • Support data mining tools with proper statistical analysis and pattern recognition techniques to answer business questions.
  • Support discovery of information that is hidden or not apparent through typical query and analysis tools.
  • Support Web mining  to analyze the "clickstreams" (the log of users clicking for different Web pages).
  • Provide management/operational staff needs in gaining business intelligence.
  • Support Web browser based tools  to support widely distributed customers .
Sample Outputs Generated:
  • Enterprise reporting (using dashboards and scorecards)
  • Visualizations, gamification and simulation of real time activities
  • Cube analysis (also known as slice-and-dice analysis)
  • Statistical analysis: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis reports
  • Data mining, web mining, and text mining analysis
  • Routine report delivery and alerting
  • Ad-hoc queries


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