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How to Get Started – An Invitation to Launch a Pilot Project

We are inviting you to launch a Free Pilot Project that will accelerate the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Samoa Pathway. The Pilot is 3 months long. Our systematic Methodology is supported by a powerful computer aided planning environment that can quickly help launch high impact Smart Hubs in health, education, public safety, public welfare, and other vital sectors for SIDS (Small Islands and Developing States). Our Methodology consists of the phases shown below.

To get started, please visit the ICT4SIDS site first and review the various resources, video clips and the Methodology section carefully. Then send an email to Dr Umar at indicate “ICT4SIDS” in the title, and supply the following information:

We will get you started in a few days and will get you started in Phase1 by using the SDG Advisor. After a successful session with the SDG Advisor, we will embark on phase2 by using the Invitation Form. In Phase1 and 2, the ICT4SIDS staff leads the work and transfers control to the SIDS POC in later phases. The Pilot Projects conclude at the end of Phase4, usually between 3 to 6 months after start of the project.