About Us

  • ICT4SIDS Partnership (Rapid Implementation of SDGs Through Digital Innovations): UN-SIDS Registered Partnership No: 8005 ,was formed during the Samoa Conference, 2014. See Our Partnership for more details.

  • Our Vision: Smart Hubs for Rapid Adoption of SDGs and Samoa Pathway. We strongly support the concept of ICT Hubs as stated in the Samoa Pathway Declaration, Section 109, Para h (see Smart Hubs ).

  • Command and Control Center: The ICT4SIDS Global Center serves as the “Command and Control Center” for the ICT4SIDS Partnership. It also is the Center for collaboration and decision support between all hubs devoted to SDGs and showcases tools such as an SDG Advisor that guides SIDS to make progress in selected SDGs and a computer aided planner that provides location specific solutions for SIDS. More Details

  • Main Results: We are launching several Smart Hubs to support the SDGs. See Results

  • Free Pilot Projects: We are inviting you to Join a Free Pilot Project to Accelerate Samoa Pathway and UN Post 2015 Agenda. We are focusing on ICT Hubs that support health, education, public safety, public welfare, and other vital sectors for SIDS. See Getting Started Section.

  • Decision Support Tools and Our Computer Aided Methodology:

    • SDG Advisor: A powerful tool for rapid implementation of SDGs at local, regional and national levels. Specifically, the SDG Advisor supports SDG17 (implementation) by showing how well a country is doing against specific SDGs and helps it to improve its status by launching needed service.

    • Our Computer Aided Planner called SPACE (Strategic Planning, Architectures, Controls and Education). SPACE automates our methodology and conducts highly customized feasibility studies for ICT Hub, within an hour, instead of weeks or months. See Tool for more details.

    • Our Computer Aided Methodology: The methodology used in Pilot Projects uses digital innovations that cut across all sectors such as health, education, public safety, public welfare and other SDG related sectors.

  • Our Partnership: We have partnerships with academic institutions, startups, NGOs, and SIDS (see Partnership).

  • Capacity Building: We concentrate on two types of capacity building: human capacity building through educational programs for ICT Leaders, and technical capacity building through a Computer Aided Planning Platform called SPACE that can help in rapid deployment of Smart hubs (Centers of Excellence) for SIDS. See our Training Programs that combine these two aspects of capacity building.

  • Getting Started Through Free Pilot Projects: More details.

Development Team:

Key Players

  • Director and Chief Architect

    Dr Amjad Umar, Professor and Director of ICT Program, Harrisburg University, and Fulbright Senior Specialist on ICT. email: umar@amjadumar.com

  • Partnership Advisors:
    • Dr John Steffens, Executive Director, Public Service Institute, University of Oklahama, and President, The Education and Training Institute (ETI). email: etiok@aol.com

    • Robert St Thomas, IBM Corporation (Retired) and Advisor, ICT4SIDS. email: rsttee@verizon.net

    • Dr Abraham Joseph, Senior International Advisor, Public Service Institute, University of Oklahoma. USA and Special Advisor, NITL Foundation, Timor-Leste. email: ajabrahamj@gmail.com

    • Peter Kenilorea, Director, Smart SIDS Initiative. email:kenilorea@gmail.com

    • Vittorio Coco, Senior Advisor, Indian Ocean Region, ICT4SIDS Partnership. email:cocov64@gmail.com

    • Betty Duroseau, CEO at Duroseau Management Services, LLC and United Nation's Global SMART City SDG Adviser. email:bduroseau@yahoo.com